The Øy story


Øy is Norwegian for island.
In many ways humans are similar to islands.
Some stand for themselves, others in a group.
Some are large, others small.
Some get a lot of attention, while others are undiscovered … for now.
Some are exciting, while others somewhat predictable.
Some are lush and welcoming, and some are completely uninhabitable
Some are cold and dark, others warm and mild.
Some are hidden or forgotten.
Some are natural. Some are fake.
Some are full of life, others are dull and lifeless.
Some are easy to approach, others are almost impossible to reach.
Some can be like a dream, others a nightmare.
Some have a past they are proud of, others wish to forget theirs.
An island and a human being both have been formed by time.
Something that must be taken care of and respected.
And together we create one big island.

That’s why we’re called Øy!